Angry Birds & Angry Birds Season HD

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Angry Birds
You all might remember that I have criticized about the lack of change in Angry Bird Rio, so what makes me change my mind to purchase the original Angry Birds game? Well it’s addictive & I just can’t stop playing it, & with the rave reviews given for these 2 episodes, I just couldn’t resist purchasing & playing the game :)

So you might asked, what’s the difference between Angry Birds, Angry Birds Rio & Angry Birds Season?

- Angry Birds is the first game of the series & it contains more levels than the other two.

- Angry Birds Seasons are exactly the same as the predecessor except that it has themed levels such as Christmas & Halloween

- Rio is the latest version, which is based on the movie ‘Rio’ & it has sharper graphics and more characters.

Other than that, it’s just mainly about throwing silly birds towards a bunch of green pigs / monkeys.

Do I recommend these two games? Absolutely! It guarantees hours of fun & everyone in your family will definitely enjoy this simple but addictive game.

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Cut The Rope

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Cut The Rope
Cut the Rope is a delightful & cute action puzzle-physics game. It brings a new & fresh perspective into the game, which the goal of each level is cut loose the rope & drop a candy into the mouth of a lovely little monster called Om Nom.

While dropping the candy is the main point of the game, you can achieve a perfect score by collecting all three stars in each level.

Don’t let this cute little thing confuses you; cutting the right rope at the right time is essential in completing each level. Furthermore, there are several obstacles along the way such as spikes, electricity, floating bubbles, and poo-poo cushions which blows the candy to another direction.

Timing and precision are keys in finishing a level. As you progress, the game gets harder & harder, & the last few stages with have you scratching your head, trying to figure out how to beat the game.

There are also some slight control issues, for example when the sliding pegs were introduced, placing your thumb near the peg when you’re actually trying to cute the rope will move the pegs, which will land you in real trouble.

Verditc – No matter what’s your age, you will definitely be enchanted by Om Nom. This game offers all the delight, variety, and intelligent level design that are tricky & yet enjoyable by most gamers. No wonder it’s consistently at the top of the App Store.

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Time Crisis 2nd Strike
Back in year 2009, Namco first introduced Time Crisis Strike for the iPhone and iPod touch — an intense first-person shooting game that’s based on the Time Crisis arcade series, although it has been modified significantly to fit into a cell phone. Today, the company has decided to release the sequel – Time Crisis 2nd Strike ($9), which there’s a huge improvement to the gameplay & graphics of this life-long game.

Just in case you have never stepped into an arcade before, Time Crisis is a game which you will be popping in & out from behind safe cover points & you will have to gun down as many enemies as possible while keeping an eye on your bullets before the time runs out. As the name implies, you will have limited time to complete each checkpoint before your time gets refilled. While dodging bullets can save your time, you might be better off trying to finish your enemies as the risk of time expired is higher than losing your life.

As the game starts, you will have access to several types of weapons, which includes unlimited-round handgun (although you still have to reload it), limited-use machine gun, shotgun, and grenade launcher. Depends on the enemies that you’re facing, killing them might give you bullets for a specific weapon. Your target varies from easy one-shot fillers to heavily armed enemies with lifebars which can only be taken out with multiple shots and devastative weapons of their own. Other than the prologue, three additional “episodes” are also included, which makes up to a total of 10 levels.

Verdit – Time Crisis 2nd Strike continues the fun & intensity that you’ll normally find from an arcade machine, & despite the price is set at $8.99, we still think it’s a good addition to your list of addictive gaming apps. For those who don’t wish to splash the money, you may keep hold & hope that there’s a drop in the price in the future.

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Angry Birds Rio HD

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Angry Birds Rio
Angry Birds is back! This time the game is set in Rio De Janeiro, which you have to free up birds that are being caught & trapped inside a warehouse. In this new episode you get to see new additions in the game, including white bird that lays egg bombs, & marmosets as bosses in final levels.

If you have bought the game, you will noticed that not all levels are available to access at the same time, this is because Rovio has decided to release subsequent levels in May, July, October, and November. If defeating the game proves too easy to you, you can see how you perform against the world by accessing the global leaderboards and achievements.

Depends on how you look at it, the lack of change can be either an advantage or a problem. There is no major gameplay breakthroughs here other than the addition of new characters. You’re still slingshoting birds at the same structures, all that’s changed is the wild monkeys. For those of who you have played Angry Birds before, you might still enjoy breaking structures apart, but it does cast a doubt over it’s future when players might get fed up of the gameplay.

Cost : $2.99 – Angry Birds Rio HD doesn’t change much from it’s predecessor, but it’s still still extraordinarily fun and addictive. The new enemy & addition of new type of birds add a new dimension into this epic game, and it’s worth buying for all the fun & action it brings.

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Bowmaster HD

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Bowmaster HD
While it doesn’t get as much hype as any other apps, Bowmaster HD is one of those underdogs that deserved to be mentioned when it comes to list of most addictive apps ever created.

You will be playing as a bowman who aspires to join the Merry Five and become their new leader, the Bowmaster. To achieve this, you will have to challenge each member one on one where skill and precision are key to defeat your opponents.

While this game is available to be downloaded for free, the basic version only gives you the chance to play against first two of five opponents, & you can also access the practice mode and target range. Should you choose to spend $1.99 on the app, the in-app purchase will unlock six more levels, & you get to play against the final three opponents and three bonus levels.

While most targeting apps utilize flicking style of gameplay, Bowmaster choose to use a completely different approach by holding a bow while aiming at your target & release the string with both your thumbs.

The natural 3D scenery + sound is also a big plus, it makes the whole game look more realistic as if you’re shooting a real arrow.

Cost : $1.99 – Even if you have defeated all the opponents, you can still choose to replay the game & try to beat your high score, & it’s a game that we will definitely recommend as it takes a refreshing approach on targeting apps, & one that you’ll stick for a while. We do hope that there will be real-time one on one against human player, as it will definitely attract a lot more players to hop on this game.

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