10 Free Blackberry Applications You Shouldn’t Miss

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One of the best features of the Blackberry is the ability of downloading and installing applications. Like any other smartphones, most of the applications do not come from free, but there is always an exception as the following 10 exceptionally useful Blackberry applications will not cost you a single cent to have them on your Blackberry phone:

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1. . This application integrates with your Blackberry’s GPS signal to pinpoint exactly where you are at all times. All transit, walking directions, routes and schedules to travel via subway, bus, or on foot are clearly identified. If you ever get stuck in a traffic jam, the Real-time traffic will helps you to find the fastest route. And perhaps the exclusive feature that only Blackberry users can enjoy is that BlackBerry administrators can deploy Maps for BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

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2. . I can’t survive without login into my Facebook account at least few times in a day, and I am sure most of you are in the same condition as me. With this handy Blackberry application, you can send and receive messages, as well as wall posts and friend requests. Get to link your Facebook friends with your BlackBerry Address Book and let profile pictures bring a whole new meaning to caller ID.


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3. Twitterberry. Twitter is without a doubt the best way to share and discover what is happening right now. With Twitterberry, you can tweet your peeps and follow your idols anywhere, anytime you want. While this application isn’t nearly attractive as any other third party Twitter solutions for other mobile phones, the speed and ease of use makes it much more comfortable to tweet rather than other flashy-looking-slow-like-snail-website.


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4. Viigo. Noticed that little icon with three stripes at the website’s sidebar? That is what you called RSS (really simple syndication) feed or feeds that serve up fresh content to RSS subscribers so they do not have to type in the url in the address bar to read the latest news. RSS feed works like the newspaper guy that delivers newspaper to your front door every day, except that it’s free. With Viigo, you can view RSS feeds, news feeds, podcasts and a slew of other information on your Blackberry. Viigo claims to be “the one app you’ll never want to be without,” and they’re right.


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5. Palringo. Palringo is a free application for the Blackberry that supports instant messaging. It covers all the big services, including Google Talk, Yahoo chat, MSN chat, ICQ and AIM, all from one interface on your Blackberry. Perhaps the best feature is the ability to setup an unlimited number of groups which allows you to send out images to all of the group members with just one click instead of having to send it via email to each of the recipients or notifying people multiple times it is posted on your Flickr site.


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6. BBNotePad. The default text editor on your Blackberry leaves a lot to be desired. BBNotePad gives you a way to write full-length documents in up to three different font sizes. You can even save the note as a text file, and send it to other handheld devices via Bluetooth.


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7. iSkoot. iSkoot allows you to access Skype via your blackberry. You can actually send and receive calls from Skype users. It also imports your Skype contacts and provides instant messaging functionality. What’s really great about iSkoot is that unlike other mobile Skype apps, iSkoot is a thin client – It doesn’t use too much memory resources and eats up the battery power.


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8. Opera Mini. The built-in browser is fine for many users, but if you want a good alternative looks at Opera Mini. This application reduces your data use if you’re not on an unlimited plan, and caches web pages which gives you much faster access. If you are using it as your desktop browser as well, congratulation because you are one of the 10 million internet users (http://www.techcrunch.com/2009/09/08/opera-10-downloaded-10-million-times-in-its-first-week/) that are using it right now.


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9. Vlingo. Vlingo is the ultimate voice-command application for Blackberry. You can do voice dialing, voice texting and even voice emailing with this application. It even lets you create tasks and memos, as well as update your Facebook status. It is more than just a voice-dialing program with fancy looking appearance. In fact it is a very useful free tool, worth downloading and playing around with.


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10. Pandora. Pandora is wonderful. You can choose up to 100 Artists that you like and it builds stations around them and those that are related. Try the Quick Mix feature to add all 100 stations and mixes them together for some cool effects. Go on and do your daily chores without looking at it as it will load perfectly without pressing any buttons. A free application with high sound quality and no freezes, what else can you ask for?

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