2 More Places to Watch iCarly Episodes For Free

Update: If you are looking for iCarly episode guides, click here to browse through the episodes throughout the 2 seasons.


iCarly fans might be disappointed with the fact that there aren’t too many websites which allows users to stream online episodes of iCarly, luckily these are users generous enough to upload them on video sharing websites. Here we take a look at 2 websites that provides streaming episodes of iCarly for free.

1. Veoh

- Users get to watch streaming episodes of iCarly on Veoh (Videos are not hosted on their servers, they are just responsible to link to the best video sources on the internet.) Certain countries are blocked from accessing Veoh, so it might be a better idea to choose the other 2 alternatives.

2. Nick iCarly official page

– High quality of iCarly episodes and video clips are available. Unfortunately they do not upload all of the episodes, so you might have to wait to see all of them get uploaded.

There were certain questions asked if those videos are copyrighted and will the users infringe the copyright if they view it online, the answer is NO.

According to Veoh’s privacy policy, Veoh will delete any media reported and verified to be copyrighted. For Nick’s case, it’s the official website that are uploading their own videos, so rest assured you can watch iCarly full length episodes legally for free.

If you can’t find the videos you want on the websites listed above, try to look for it at other video sharing websites such as Youtube, Megavideo, etc.

Any more suggestions? Feel free to list it down at the comment box.

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