Best of The Best : Top Marketing Articles of 2009


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There are so many good articles written in year 2009 but only few of them made it to the list. Not because they aren’t good enough, but these are great posts, & by that I mean something that’s so good you simply can’t afford to miss. If you haven’t read them yet, grab yourself a cup of coffee & enjoy reading these posts.

1. 25 things I wish I’d known when I started blogging By Web Distortion

Oh boy if he published the article earlier I wouldn’t have waited for so long to see the growth in traffic & reader base. Really honest & effective ways of promoting your websites, a must read if you have just started your blogging career.

2. 21 Link Builders Share Advanced Link Building Queries By Search Engine Land

Great interview with 21 link building experts covering how to identify link target, types of sites, people & search queries used on acquiring links. Tips might be a little bit advanced for users, but it’s definitely a great resource for link builders who wish to build a better link portfolio.

3. The Parable of the Lemonade Stand: Is AdSense Costing you Money? By Problogger

View from an affiliate marketer on affiliate marketing vs Adsense. If you aren’t doing well with Adsense, this post might be your savior.

4. By Copyblogger

I like the way Sonia depicts the theory of “Content Is King” using Fight Club’s rules. An interesting read & also an essential guide on creating good contents.

5. SEO and your crap filled site By Web Ink Now

Crappy site isn’t going to survive. Indeed, as what David mentioned in the article: “Performing search engine optimization on a crap-filled site just makes it slightly less crappy.”

6. Best of 2009: 24 social media experts interviewed By Econsultancy

If you are a social media addict who’s looking to establish your presence on social media sites, here are 24 interviews conducted by eConsultancy on tips & tricks to become a better social media user.

7. Bing SEO – How Does it Differ To Google? By SEO Wizz

While Google is dominating the search market with a staggering 80% traffic share, Bing might be an alternative if you are not getting any ranking love from Big G. See the difference on how both of them rank sites & how to optimize your website to achieve a better SERP.

8. Don’t Just Read What Top Bloggers Write – Look At What They Do! By SEOptimise

Other than their writings, you should also pay attention on what they did with their blogs. Whether it’s robots txt or homepage layout, these seemingly unimportant elements might be their secrets in gaining loyal readership.

Which post influences you the most in year 2009? Have your say in the comment box below!