Car Hacking By Genius Kid

This Kenyan kid who has just finished his high school has invented a new system which gives the power to control a car by using a phone! This car hacking technique will surely be a challenge of any car security company~

a Kenyan kid has constructed a nifty (and perhaps just a little scary) box that attaches to your car to provide a number of unique remote-control features that you’re not going to find on your average OnStar setup. The flagship function seems to be the real-time lockout, which can call you as the car is being started; only if you confirm that it’s not some baddie trying to jack your ride will the ignition request be granted. That’s not all, though — it’ll also let you dial into the car and listen in on any conversations going on within.

Conclusion : Do not ever try to drive any luxury cars in Mombasa because you won’t even noticed when it disappeared :shock:

Source : Engadget Mobile