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Mermaid Found on NY Beach?
By Edward • May 17th, 2009 • Category: Bizarre

An odd creature has apparently washed up on New York’s beach, with people claiming what it may be another “Mermaid“.
The carcass was found by a couple who were having holiday at North Fork of Long Island. According to the couple, it smells lik a mix of low-tide and rotten garbage. Papers wrote. It really smelled [...]

Wife Killed In Facebook Row
By Edward • Oct 21st, 2008 • Category: Bizarre

A man was jailed for life after he killed his own wife because of a change of her status from “Married” to “Single” on the famous social networking website Facebook.


Violent Animation Video Clip
By Edward • Aug 11th, 2008 • Category: Bizarre, Odd Stuff

This violent animation video clip shows how a maid tries to defend the family and herself when she was attacked by a bunch of zombies! Brilliantly done by using clay arts and definitely worth a look if you are fans of gruesome artwork~
1 videoclip of the Violent Animation Video Clip after the jump.


Early Joker Design Concept Pictures
By Edward • Aug 9th, 2008 • Category: Bizarre, Movies

Featured are some pictures of the Joker design which is initially being considered to be used on Heath Ledger in the movie “The Dark Knight”.
Creepy ain’t it? Although the early design seems to be awesome I am glad that they are using the current version of Joker because it lets Heath to have the opportunity [...]

Grand Theft Auto Practiced In Real Life
By Edward • Aug 5th, 2008 • Category: Bizarre

A Thai teenager has been caught after he tried to recreate the scene in Grand Theft Auto by trying to rob a taxi – Which unfortunately results in the taxi driver’s death

According to police, the youth wanted to find out if it was as easy to rob a real taxi as it was in Grand [...]