Celcom Broadband, anyone?

Celcom Broadband

I have been using Maxis Broadband for nearly 6 months, so far so good, yet the price for Celcom Broadband really attracts me a lot. RM68/month for 3.6 Mbps package, nice deal isn’t it? Tell me who doesn’t like cheap broadband with fast speed? Especially after reading in some local forums regarding their complaints of Maxis Broadband it really makes me want to change to Celcom Broadband.

For online gamers it is always a better choice to choose the plan with better connection, surely you won’t want to see you are just few steps before your mission accomplished & all of a sudden the pc lag & when everything is back to normal you see nothing but your character laid on the ground. ( This SUCKS especially when one more kill can gain you the Beyond Godlike status in DOTA )

One more thing about it is that if you have a 3G mobile phone, you can use it as modem and connect it to your computer to surf the internet, however the speed with be slightly slower.

So, will you subscribe to Celcom Broadband?