Climate Change : 5 Steps For A Better World

Climate Change

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Natural disasters have been going wild recently; from the Taiwan’s mudslide incident to the deadly tsunami in Pacific, we have certainly done something wrong that makes the mother nature so angry till she decided to unleash her anger on those who were innocent. Notably this may be caused by climate change. While these natural disasters were unpredictable, it’s not inevitable. We can take action and prevent it from happening again.

1. Transportation. Choose to take a public transport or share the same vehicle that you colleague use to go for work. Reducing the carbon monoxide can help to make the air fresher and reducing the effect of global warming. If you don’t mind, you can even move to an apartment near to your workplace or take a bicycle. It’s healthy and you won’t have to find excuse for not being able to workout because of time constraint :P

2. Efficiency. If you can increase the productivity during your work, chances are lesser time will be needed to finish doing your job, and less electricity will be used in your office. Try to focus on your work, increase your knowledge and stop getting hooked on social networking site like Facebook during office hour.

3. Recycle. Do you have any old newspapers in your home? Instead of dumping it, why not try to recycle it? Chopping down acres of trees won’t help to make this earth cooler, so if you want your next generation to live in a world with cleaner air and better weather, recycle would be a good choice to choose from.

4. Limitation of agricultural burning. The haze surrounding South East Asia’s countries is one of the best example of the poorly enforced regulation regarding agricultural burning. Open fire smoke, especially from burning rubbish, contains 350-times more cancer-causing substances than cigarette smoke. So keep an eye on those who burns rubbish and advice them not to do so.

5. Plant More Trees. Help to make this world a greener place by telling this idea to your friends and relatives. The power of one person may not be sufficient to change the world, but by telling everyone else to follow your footsteps, together we can make a change to the earth by cultivating more plants and trees. Remember to tell the school teachers and discuss with them if it’s possible to create an activity which teaches the kids on climate change issue and growing plants in the house area.

There are a lot of actions we can take; It doesn’t have to be pricey or complicated, just a simple move can make a big difference to our mother earth. Forward this message to anyone else and start to make this world a better place!

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