Debit MasterCard Malaysia

debit mastercard

You may have heard of debit card before, how bout Debit MasterCard? This card have just been released in the end of last year & you can see their advertisement across the TV everywhere. So what does it different from the other cards?

What is Debit MasterCard?

Debit MasterCard card is a card that provides the connection to your current/saving account & gives you the convenience to make transactions at any merchant that accepts MasterCard. The amount will be deducted from your bank account

Debit MasterCard Malaysia Application

There are two places for you to apply Debit MasterCard : EON Bank Berhad & AffinBank Berhad

P.S. : I have my own Public Bank Visa Electron Debit Card, but this one looks really tempting for me, if you have given the choice which card would you choose?