Digg, Google & Stumble Upon Are My Friends

It has been one & a half month since I started this blog & this afternoon I was digging around in the Google Analytics just to see my blog’s traffic and did some analysis of where my traffics come from. To my surprise I found out that most of my traffics come from Digg, Google & Stumble Upon.

Traffic Source Overview

Where’s the ‘Other’ traffic comes from?

As you can see both referring sites & search engines sent me a decent amount of traffics. Let’s have a more detail look of it…

Top Traffic Sources

I still remember the starting weeks where I sent all my posts to Digg, the results? One digg per post & that’s by myself. LOL! Perhaps one of my crap post made it to the front page? :razz: Maybe you guys are wondering how I get nearly 40% of my traffics from Google, well frankly speaking I do not have any idea, maybe my blog posts have a higher SERP in Google because I do not write any paid posts? Stumble Upon? I only have two friends at my account, so it must be either one of them who introduce my blog to their friends. Thanks aureliebl & ericajoieake! :wink:

Anyhow, thanks anyone out there who dugg my post & stumbling my blog, & last but not least, my readers — YOU !