DormVault Safe Laptop


Yeah, you have a nice roommate who does nothing but use your hair cream, eat your foods, wear your shirts and worse of all, toying with your laptop. How frustrated can it be eh? If he gets to find some pictures or videos (Yeah you know what I mean don’t you?) the whole world will know who you are thanks to him. So what you gonna do to prevent that?

You might think that a cable-lock would be adequate to secure your laptop, but not only can those things just be clipped off with a cheap bolt-cutter. Even if they couldn’t get through the cable-lock, they can still turn on and use your laptop! No – that’s not really security. What you need is some serious armor. Something that can lock your lappy down, keeping it physically safe from pilfering hands, as well as potential data-thieves.

What we found is so simple and yet totally ingenious. A big metal box with a lock (simple), that bolts to your dorm-furniture from the inside (ingenious)! With the lid closed and locked, the wing-nuts that hold the vault in place get locked in with your valuables. It’s one of those “gah, I wish I had thought of that” things.

Big enough to hold a 17″ laptop and accessories, you could even put a portable drive or two in there, your phone – even your wallet if you were so inclined.

9 pounds of weight plus the feature of attaching it to any furniture makes it a must-buy if you want a safety place for your dear laptop.

Source : ThinkGeek

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