‘E’ for Edward

Can you see a letter E image beside my URL (Circled in Red)? It’s a favorite icon, or better known as “favicon”. As soon as you have uploaded favicon to your blog, it will appear beside your site’s name in the favorites list, before the URL in the address bar, as a bookmarked website on the desktop, in the “Links” bar and on the windows taskbar.

:arrow: Why Should I use Favicon?
Easy, to let your blog stands out amongst the other with a small, nice image as your blog’s unique icon.

:arrow: Sounds cool! But I don’t know how to upload a Favicon, can you please teach me?
Sure! All you need to do is click here & you will be brought to a place where you can download the plugin, upload it & insert the picture address. Done!

Note: IE may not work properly to see your favicon, so it’s better to have a view of it using Firefox

:arrow: I am using Blogspot, is there any alternative of uploading favicon?
Yup, here’s what you can do:
1st Step: Go to a Favicon generator site, for example Chami, browse your image and click “Generate FavIcon.ico”

2nd Step: Choose to download the favicon from the site, after you have downloaded, extract it on your computer and then look in the “extra” folder.

3rd Step: Now you can go to a Image Hosting Provider for example Photobucket, and upload either the animated_favicon1.gif if you want it to be animated or the preview_16×16.png for the plain image.

4th Step: Log in to your Blogger account, go to your Blogger admin panel and click on the template tab and then “Edit HTML”.

5th Step: Add this code before the in your template (replace the URL with your own link to the image):

Then save it! And you’re done!