EdwardKhoo.com is back!

I have been worrying like hell these two days when my blog was down, thank God I found out what went wrong with my blog & be able to fix it! Phew, I just started to blog for around one month & I really hope this won’t be the end of my blog, maybe God really knows I am addicted to blogging that’s why he showed me how to fix it :smile:

The thing that I worried the most when my blog is down is my readers! I am so afraid to see all those people who used to comment at my blog won’t come back again, even though not many of them but you all are my motivation to keep on blogging & I really appreciate it! *sob*

One more thing: Is anyone going to attend the webmaster gathering on November 17th? I really hope to see you guys there. Click here to get update with the latest news!

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