Expand Your Empire With Affiliate Programs


I’m leaning back on my spinning chair right now, ponder my next online project. While blogging continues to be my main income source, I still have my mind on starting another website. It’s better to put your eggs in different baskets isn’t it?

Putting up CPC and CPM ads and waiting for the money to roll in might seem to be a easy route for everyone, but recession will hit you hard and you might find yourself deep in trouble if you rely on one or two advertising network. So if you are worry of the same problem, you might want to consider using affiliate programs as an alternative.

When I talk about affiliate programs, it doesn’t mean stuffing your blog posts with meaningless contents and a bunch of affiliate links, this will only make your visitors stay away from your blog. Instead, start a new website of any niche and proceed with your plan. There are few niches which users don’t really mind about signing up through your affiliate links, instead they are more than happy and willing to return to your website in the future for more updates! Remember there are niches that haven’t been tapped by the others or with less competitors, you just need to put in effort in finding the right one to monetize it. Think carefully and you will know what I mean ;-)

The recession is getting worse but I am not anxious. I’m self-employed and I determine my future with my effort. For as long as the internet is there, I have a whole world that buffers me from bankruptcy. Make good use of it and you will go further in your money making journey.

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