FIFA VS Pro Evolution Soccer (PES)


I have been playing football video games ever since I have my first ever Playstation back in 2003. Although there are a lot of football video games nowadays only 2 stands out among the others, which are FIFA & Pro Evolution Soccer (PES). Some people said that FIFA is good, while the others said that PES is nice. So which one is better?

The Comparison

Graphic – Well, obviously FIFA is better at this one. You can see it from the entrance of the players & the goal celebrations

FIFA 1 – PES 0

Commentary – While some times the commentator may be wrong of what they said together with what the players do, but still FIFA has a better advantage over PES, which they only shout the players names


GameplayPES win this round, definitely. Their gameplay is far more realistic than FIFA. In FIFA you can score from an almost impossible angle, goalkeepers will do some mistakes which they aren’t suppose to do at all, while in PES you can enjoy the game just like the real football game that you are watching.

FIFA 2 – PES 1

While PES has a better gameplay, FIFA is still the prefer choice for most tournaments. Anyone knows why :?:

Well that’s just a simple comparison between the two games. If you think FIFA/PES is better, write down the reason in the comment box below