Free Nintendo DS (NDS) Lite Games Download


Nintendo has released a new serivce called Nintendo DS Download Station where users can download free Nintendo DS (NDS) Lite games from any local game retailers to play as long as they want until they turn the console off.

Here’s what Nintendo has to say about the service :

“Nintendo offers all DS owners free downloadable game demos and other downloadable content at thousands of participating retail locations around the United States. An in-store kiosk will beam wireless demo versions of games and other downloadable content into a players’ Nintendo DS system. Users simply stop by the store with their Nintendo DS, click “DS Download Play” on their system and choose one of a variety of DS games they want to sample. The game will download automatically and users can play all they want (even if they leave the store) until the Nintendo DS is turned off.”

You probably have seen other web pages that allows you to download NDS lite games but apparently the reason why Nintendo introduced this service signifies that downloading from the internet isn’t really something they want their users to do. Well, at least you get to try the game before you buy it and it may even save you a few bucks :wink: