Free Samples, Coupons, And More Freebies!

Free Samples

Whether it’s baby diapers, hair shampoo, soap, foods, face cream, clothes or t-shirts, it’s all available for free on the internet if you know where to look. While there are many sites which claimed to send out freebies without any charges, they are normally scams that will grab your personal details & send you a ton of spams instead of free samples.

What you will get from List Free Samples are all legitimate free samples. No payment is needed, no credit card numbers, no cash. Just the address of where you would like the products samples to be send to.

Why is this website real? Sounds fishy to me…

Well, while it’d be nice to think that they’re just being kind, but the fact is that this is all about marketing. Most freebies are samples of products, given away in the hope that you might go and purchase the full-size version, or help them to tell your friends or relatives about this brand (Or what we known as word of mouth promotion). It doesn’t really cost much for the companies to send out free stuffs, since you will finish it soon & you will be tempted to buy a new one at any nearby store.

Sounds cool! Maybe I should ask for every sample?

It’s cool to have a bunch of free samples at your home, but if you are not going to use it why bother to ask so many of them? Otherwise it is a good option to leave it and let those who are really looking for the product & let them enjoy it. Remember, save our mother earth and don’t waste any natural resources :wink:

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