Hacks : How to Install Leopard in just one step!


Installing Leopard isn’t something complicated, in fact it can be done in just one step! Well, the whole process gonna take some time, so you might want to get yourself something to kill your time while waiting for the process to be done~

Tutorial Hacks : How to Install Leopard in just one step!

Before you started here are some requirements of installing Leopard :
Here are the basic requirements for you to proceed with the installation of Leopard :
# A Blank DVD-R to burn the ISO
# The ISO image to be downloaded from Mininova

Step 1: Installing Leopard

* Download the Installation ISO from Mininova. You can find it by performing a search for iATKOS v1.0i (Its about 2.09 GB).
* Once you are done, with downloading burn the ISO at very slow speeds to the DVD.
* Pop in the DVD and boot into it from BIOS and follow the Onscreen Instructions.
* Select the Appropriate Packages, based on your hardware and then proceed.
* Installation might take about an hour or so, you might want to continue playing your video games/ watch some movies

Voila it’s done!

Source : DailyApps