Happy 21th Birthday To Me!


Time passed so fast & in the twinkling of an eye, I am 21 years old. Nothing much happened this year other than the decision I have taken to become a full time blogger.

LiewCF’s post back in 2005 which he mentioned he quit his job to become a full time blogger has inspired me a lot. Of course, not everyone can become a full time blogger, but I sincerely believe that one can achieve their dream by working harder & don’t take things for granted.

I don’t just put up a few posts & call myself a full time blogger. I followed Liew’s advice: Do part time blogging before jumping on the bandwagon of make money online. 2 years have passed & I am ready to take the challenge. By quitting my studies and focus solely on my blog, traffic have started to increase every month.

Of course, this decision aint easy to make. You have to take a lot of things into consideration: Money, family, social life, etc. By choosing this path you are all on your own; From content creation to monetizing, everything has to be done by yourself. Prepare to expect the unexpected.

I wont call myself “problogger“. I aint pro, I still have lot to learn. Darren Rowse, LiewCF, etc are those people that deserved to be called pro. They are the pioneers of making money online.

Highlight of the year:


Million thanks to Mr Lee for giving me the opportunity to contribute guest articles for Sin Chew Jit Poh! The series will be going on from early November till January, so please buy a copy of Sin Chew every Wednesday to show your support!

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Mac Screenshot

Bought myself a Macbook Pro :cool:

- Gotta love the slick interface & faster processing of documents & web pages. I run Windows on my Mac as well, both of them are great OS, I do occasionally use Windows to make sure I wont forget how Windows looks like ;-)

If there’s anyone who’s reading this post, perhaps the best birthday gift you can give me is to become a loyal reader of EdwardKhoo.com or add me as a friend on . Thank you so much for supporting & I will do my best to write more useful articles in the future