Hostel II


Woohoo ~ It’s Friday night! Guess what am I going to do? Clubbing? No… Play Dota? Nah… It’s movie time! Teng teng teng…. It’s Hostel 2!

Horror movies have always been my favourite, especially those with violent & gore scenes, muahahaha…… I know it sounds like a freak, but I am addicted to this kind of movies ever since I came back after finishing my exchange year in Argentina last year…

It begins at the ending of the last film with Paxton on the train after escaping the factory and dealing with the aftermath of what he’s been through and the death of his friends, slowly transitioning into a story of three American college girls studying abroad in Italy. They decide to take a weekend trip to Prague, but a young Eastern European beauty persuades them to visit a spa in Bratislava and stay at the infamous hostel of the earlier saga. The girls photos were posted on the internet & businessmen bidding on them. At the end of the auction the two winners are introduced, one being extremely intense, loud and brash and the other a very timid, seemingly broken man that is pressured into participating and has second thoughts about going through with the whole thing.

Torture does occur on late parts of the film, and for all of you gore-hounds out there, yes it does deliver. From cutting off man’s penis (Ouch, that must be hurt!) to playing football using someone’s head, the whole movie has never short of surprises, yet if compared with Hostel 1 I still prefer the first episode because of the storyline.

My ratings? 6.5/10. It’s a good movie, but there’s still a long way to go before they can compete with other better horror movies.

Any horror movie fans out there? Feel free to post your view on this film