How To Change iPod, Nano, Shuffle, Mini, Touch Name

iPod Name

Wondering how to change iPod name? The first time when you ran the iPod Setup Assistant, you were given a change to name your iPod. However if you feel bored or want to have a new Ipod name you can always change it manually after that.

How To Change Ipod Name

1. Start iTunes and connect your iPod to your computer. Wait until you see your iPod appear in the iTunes Source list.

2. You will notice that iTunes will display the name you have previously created for iPod; let say ABC iPod. Using your mouse, highlight the device by selecting the iPod icon below Devices.

3. Double click the icon and it will appear in edit mode. Enter the desired name and click enter.

This can be done to any other iPod such as iPod nano, iPod shuffle, iPod mini, or iPod touch. Just attach your iPod to a PC, activate iTunes and follow the steps mentioned above.