How to easily open a locked door


Imagine after a day of hard work and you are going back home, when you get to the door you noticed that the key was left out in your office, frustrated huh? Never mind, as long as you have your credit card (Or anything similar) you can easily open a locked door! Here’s the instruction:

1. Choose a flexible credit card (For Malaysians, LRT Card works too!)

Locked Door

2. Slide the card into the crack between the door & the frame

Locked Door 2

3. Push it down until you feel it’s touching the doorknob

Locked Door 3

4. Bend the card in the other way, forcing the lock to turn back. Rapidly open the door and voila! You can now enter your home sweet home

Locked Door 4

Above is just an experiment, don’t try this with your platinum credit card! Won’t be responsible for the losses :razz:

Source : Wikihow