How to Get Rich By Begging/Panhandling

Leerie Tagney, a 71 year old who commutes between Denver & Monument 2 times in a week, has been able to gain $25 per hour just by begging / panhandling! According to Mr.Wizard, he considered these money to be Sacred Money (Oh yeah I will too if I get 25 bucks per hour :mrgreen: )

Mr Wizard

He knows the demographics of his client base. “This area leads to upper-middleclass housing and a generally Christian community. I have teenagers give me $20 bills.”

He regards it as an investment in a maladjusted misfit who thinks big.

“I consider what they give me sacred money. It’s in a trust for my betterment, it’s not mad money,” he said. “I gave up booze 23 years ago. I don’t use drugs, I’m not about to start at 71. I like to have a cup of tea and have something at McDonald’s and socialize a little bit. I bought a $500 crystal ball on layaway.”

(By the time you read until here you might want to consider quiting your day job :razz: )
Source : Gazette