How to Install Sony Ericsson PC Suite on Window Vista/XP/2000


Just bought your new Sony Ericsson mobile phone & wandering how to install Sony Ericsson PC Suite on your own Window Vista/XP/2000? No problem as here’s a step by step installation guide to assist you!

1st step : Visit Sony Ericsson official website
2nd step : Search for the type of Sony Ericsson mobile phone that you are using & find the “Download Now” button
3rd step : * It is recommended to uninstall any previously installed version of Sony Ericsson PC Suite
4th step : Execute the downloaded file.
5th step : If you are updating it to the latest version of the Sony Ericsson PC Suite, you may need to restart the pc after your installation.

How to use

- Connect the mobile phone to your PC using an applicable connection: Cable, Infrared or Bluetooth connection.
- Start the included programs from the Start/Programs/Sony Ericsson folder or the Application Launcher application