How To Unlock Orkut Hack Photo Albums Profile Account

Update : Read more on how hackers hack a website and prevention methods to avoid being hacked

A simple search of How To Unlock Orkut Hack Photo Albums Profile Account will results in a list of websites that can help you to achieve your aim. But it is true?


Let’s take an example : If you key in the query in any search engines there will be sites which offer Javascript documents to be inserted to an Orkut profile. However this is not true ; The person who created the script will insert some sort of code inside which actually steal your personal info and as a results, they are the one who actually hack your Orkut account! The consequence? If light they may just send anonymous messages to your contacts, if serious they may upload unwanted files to your profile and you might just get banned from using Orkut anymore!

So guys, please do not believe in any of those tricks because most of them are SCAMS, even if they aren’t, that is just because there’s technical loop hole which allows them to take advantage of it. Few more hours later and the system engineer will fix the problem, so there’s actually no use in doing that