HTC Streaming Media Player Download (Cab Files) | Play Youtube Videos on Windows Mobile

allows users to stream Youtube videos via mobile devices. However, Windows Mobile doesn’t come with RTSP. Luckily folks at XDA Developers managed to develop HTC streaming media player together with cab files which allows you to play Youtube videos on Windows Mobile.

Instructions :
Install the files on your device and reboot it.
From now on every time when you tries to play a video on , HTC Streaming Media Player will be the default program to let you play, pause and stop the video

Note # 1: Cab files that you might want to download first before installing the software

Note # 2: If you encounter this error “Alert: Can’t find ‘StreamingPlayer’ (or one of its components) Make sure the path and filename are correct and that all the required libraries are available”, you may required to download dll files which can be found here

Note # 3: Download the software right here