I am short-sighted now

“Erm… What’s that word on the board?” This is the question that I have asked my friends for almost the whole semester. At first I thought maybe the letters size are too small, that’s why I couldn’t see clearly. However just yesterday when I tried to watch TV (I do not have TV in my hostel, so I can only watch TV when I am back in hometown) then only I realized I couldn’t see the subtitles clearly, so I tried to borrow spectacle from my dad & I can see every words clearly, then only I realized — I AM SHORT SIGHTED !!!


Now I have to make my eyes like this -.- then only I can see things, or else I would feel dizzy all the time… I think the causes are probably because I sit in front of my pc playing too much DOTA & watching porn blogging. Is there anyway to cure it? The only methods that I know are eating carrot & see things with green colour. (Maybe I need to look at a toad for the whole day? :shock: )

Haven’t go to get a pair of spectacles, can’t imagine myself wearing spec, maybe I will look like this?


Wah, why looks so nerd one?! :shock: :shock: :shock: