Bye Bye College

Work At Home

At the age of 20 most teenagers are having fun hanging out with friends, flirting with boys and girls or busy studying to get their degrees. But right now I am sitting in front of my computer, thinking of what I should do after I stop pursuing bachelor degree. A lot of factors contribute to this decision, but there’s no point in elaborating that since I have made up my mind.

I scared I will fail. I am afraid to be alone. It sucks when I have to face the computer screen late in the midnight while my friends are having fun outside. But I tell myself, no matter how hard it is, you need to keep yourself motivated and work hard to achieve your dream.

Blogging isn’t the only job I have right now. I do have few other websites. Combining the earnings from these websites and I am sure I wouldn’t have earn as much as I am earning right now if I choose to work for someone else. It only occurs once in a lifetime and I don’t want to miss out this golden chance.

This decision isn’t easy to make. People keep on asking me if this job is reliable. I tell them I do afraid of failing, but I will regret if I don’t try it.

I have been working part time online for the past 2 years. I have made lots of mistakes, wondering whether I should stop updating this blog as well as the other websites, before putting more effort and start to learn from probloggers like Alang, LiewCF, HongKiat, 5xmom, Sabahan, Problogger, and other successful bloggers. I want to thank you all for giving out great tips on how to make money online. I learn a lot from you guys. You all are my inspirations.

Since I have few websites and work full time online, how should I call myself? I am having a hard time explaining to my parents and relatives, if you are someone who’s in the same situation as me, mind to tell me how do you explain to them?

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