Is It Safe To Download Qvod Player?

I am a frequent user of Tom365 (P2P program which allows you to download the latest movies for free) since few months ago. The reason I used it is because it can simply bypass the downloading limit cap by Streamyx. I installed it in my Hostel’s PC & everything seems to be running smoothly. So later on I purchase a new PC at home, & when I wanted to download the Qvod software, this message popped up in front of the screen :


Gosh, 499 trojans? Holy cow! Trying to recall the time when I downloaded Qvod player back in my hostel, my PC seems to be loading slower than usual, could it be the cause of problem?

So Qvod user, does it have any effect on your PC? Or you just don’t bother at all? If you haven’t download the player I would suggest you to change your player to another alternative such as Thunder (Xunlei)