Jokela Massacre – Eight Dead after Youtube Rant

Just months after the Virginia Tech Massacre, another high school massacre happened in Finland, hours after bragging on the internet that he planned to unleash a bloodbath. He addressed himself as Sturmgeist89, uploaded a film entitled “Jokela High School Massacre — 11/7/2007” to the video sharing website, YouTube. Unfortunately few hours later Youtube has deleted the video, so we won’t be able to search for that video again.

Jokela Youtube

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Oh my gosh, the whole world had gone crazy with some freaks killing innocents just for fun. Shouldn’t the security guards go & check whenever there’s any suspicious looking people going in to the school? Maybe in the future we will see students studying at home through internet just to avoid this kind of tragedy happen again… Let us pray for the dead & may them rest in peace…

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