Just Out Of Curiousity…

How long does it takes for you to write a post? For me if I have an idea of what to write, normally it would take 15-30minutes, however if I don’t have any idea 2hours depends on how long is my post, or else I just wait & wait until I got the inspiration… Sometimes it takes more time to think rather than write; Avoid writing boring posts, interact with readers through post, try not to criticize other blogs, etc… However if you have nothing to blog about you can always refer to my blog post regarding things to do when you have nothing to blog about, hope you can learn some great tips over there

Here’s a tip for those who couldn’t type fast: Open several conversation windows on MSN to chat with leng zai/leng lui, if you type slow, you won’t get your dream boy/girl, so you have no reason to type slow now :wink:

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