Lenovo iPhone


Lenovo, widely known as a PC manufacturer in the industry, has been developing on the plan to create a touchscreen cell phone similar to iPhone

iPhone has been the most popular touchscreen phone among cell phone users all over the world, particularly of their elegant design & easiness of usage. Lenovo plans to enhance the features by combining Google’s Android and a very iPhone-like appearance. OPhone is the name given based on China Mobile’s OMS(Open Mobile System) which is essentially Android + TD SCDMA (China’s home-grown 3G standard).

The unnamed device has a full touchscreen flush with the main body, like its Apple rival, and will have just a minimum of extra buttons for calling, answering and stepping through menus. No keyboard is immediately visible and suggests instead that the phone may use a planned virtual keyboard for Android rather than the hardware keys required on HTC’s G1.

This phone will only be released in China between February and March 2009. It’s stylish design would definitely make it to be a popular gadget among the Chinese users.

Source : ModmyGphone