| Get Your Own Littlepetshop VIP Online!


Wish to have your own virtual pets online? Littlepetshop offers to bring your Littlest Pet Shop Virtual Interactive Pets to life in the virtual VIPs world!

Upon signing up as a member, you get to adopt your own pet by inserting your VIP secret code (It can be found on the tag of the pet that you purchased) No worry if you do not own one as you can still borrow one for free!

As you get into the virtual world, you are all alone in the world, but there are AI creatures that can accompany you as you travel along the world. There are also mini games where you can earn virtual money & buy clothes, accessories, foods, or even decorate your pet’s house! The whole world is divided into 6 parts, which are :

* Village,
* Get Better Center
* Playground
* Adoption Center
* Forest and
* Your Home Sweet Home

Should you find any difficulties in exploring the world, there are icons of maps, shops and games available at the bottom of the screen which can provide further assistance in helping you to enjoy this wonderful interactive game

Where can I Buy Littlest Pet Shop VIP? I want to adopt that cute little pet!

You can find it in almost every major toy retailers in the United States. It is recommended to buy one as you get to own your virtual pet rather than borrowing it from someone else

The Littlest Pet Shop VIP world at is a safe place for everyone out there who wants to adopt a virtual interactive pet online. Parents can use this opportunity to interact with their kids while having fun & teaching them at the same time, with Christmas coming soon you may want to buy as early as possible before it gets out of stock!