Make Youku Load Faster | Speed Up Youku


Youku is one of the largest video sharing website in China, & with millions of Chinese watching it everyday, it might be quite slow for internet users from other countries to view videos during the peak hour, so here are some tips that might help you in making Youku to load faster :

Avoid Peak Hour

Only visit Youku when it is midnight or early morning in China. Bad news for anyone who stays in Asia (I am Malaysian & I have to stay awake halfway through the midnight to watch my favorite movies T.T) This really speeds up Youku loading speed!

Keep the video loading rather than pause

If you press pause & wait for the video to load, it will stop once it reach certain parts of the movie (This happen frequently especially when you are trying to watch something that takes a lot of time) Keep the movie loading, wait & it will load till the end automatically.

Choose any alternatives that let you watch movies online

, Veoh or Megavideo, there are few video sharing sites that you can choose rather than Youku.