Malaysia Bank Kad Debit (Debit Card)

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I have received my own kad debit (debit card) from local Malaysia bank back in February & it has helped me a lot in doing online transactions. For anyone who are interested about the benefits of the card scroll down to learn more about it

Public Bank Kad Debit

Global Welcome
Wherever you see a Visa logo that means this card can be accepted at that merchant outlets

Cash Access
No more cash to spend while you are travelling abroad? Don’t worry as you can access your debit card from any VISA/PLUS ATM worldwide

Cash MegaBonus
For every pennies that you spend you will receive a portion of rewards!

Still have some balance left in your account? Keep it & you shall receive your monthly interest!

Monthly Statement
Every month you will receive a statement of how much you have spent

Overseas Assistance
Need help while travelling abroad? Just hop on to any local Visa bank & the workers will help you