Maxis for Apple iPhone 3G in Malaysia – Anyone?

Maxis will offer the iPhone 3G 8GB with its range of new tariff plans starting at RM100 which are tailored specifically for iPhone customers, starting from this week. Featured are the prices for 12 month contract, 24 month contract, and 6 month contract.


iphone 2

iphone 3

Forget about all those fancy words Maxis has to say about iPhone 3G, do you really think it is worth to buy it nowadays in Malaysia? It has been a year since iPhone was released in the States, the craziness towards this gadget has gone, & perhaps the most important thing is that you cannot show off in front of your friends simply because it has been quite some days since they were popular. My friends at UTP had bought their own iPhones back in 2008 & from their reviews it seems that iPhone is nothing more than just a hype. No MMS, No Flash/ Java support, No Firefox, only 1 picture is allowed in each email you send, no video recording, no Radio FM… & the list goes on. Here is a comprehensive blog post from Bytebot on whether you should buy an iPhone from Maxis. Do note that I have nothing against Maxis, but IMO it is just too late for them to announce the touch screen phone to the local citizens.

Well folks, if you have bought from Maxis you are welcome to post about your new iPhone right down the comment box & share with fellow readers :wink: