Movie & Minum at Pavilion KL

Time for another blog post! Yeah this time I went to Pavilion for the movie screening by Exabytes for the movie AVP2~ Saw a lot of people carrying the goodie bags from Exabytes, but hardly recognize them, basically I just passed by & smile at them… While waiting for the movie to start I get to talk with Timothy, founder of Nuffnang, too bad my camera spoiled, or else I will take photo with the guy who get to the Forbes Top 25 Asia Entrepreneur list, what a great achievement!

About the movie~ I am quite disappointed with it because the most beautiful girl get killed in the movie, which leaves nothing more to watch… Hey you predator how dare you kill such a pretty girl :evil: :evil: :evil: … Nah, actually the movie is not that bad, just wondering will these 2 species going to dominate the whole world in next episode?

After the movie, I get to talk with Eddie Law, probably the best lawyer you could ever find in Malaysia. He’s such a nice & humble guy, so if you guys have any problems find him ok? (Eddie I am helping you to find some business here, perhaps you may give me some $$$ for those referrals? :razz: ) Oh, & thanks for the cup of latte!

Another blogger would be Louiss, the make-easy-money-online pro. I have been following his blog ever since he started his blog at Blogspot, feel so great to meet with him! He’s a friendly guy, doesn’t mind to share his tips on making money & the methods on how to spam! :mrgreen: Beware, he will be the next online entrepreneur…

More photos after the jump…

Eddie & Louiss

Eddie & Louiss


From the left:
David, the handsome engineer, KY, Suanie, Sewjin, & the gorgeous Esther

Later on we went to this Cha-Cha Kafe to have a drink & chit-chat

Group Photo 2

One thing that has been attracting me while we were chatting…

Iphone in Malaysia

IPHONE!!!!!!! Aww… How I wish I have money to buy it :cry:

Overall it has been a nice gathering, credits for Exabytes to organize such a wonderful event! Hopefully next time there will be a official KL bloggers gathering :wink: