MSN Password Hacker Tools & Software Login Hack, Are They Real?

Update : Read more on how hackers hack a website and prevention methods to avoid being hacked

“If you would like to recover your forgotten MSN password, there are some simple MSN password hacker tools & software login hacks available for you to download!”… Does that looks familiar to you?

Note : This post is intended only to educate people why they shouldn’t hand out their passwords to anonymous!


Why shouldn’t you hand out your password?

First of all, most of the softwares or tools created are meant to GRAB your password & not giving you any other people’s password. The people who invented such tools are hackers who are trying to cheat people of their personal data. At first it will ask you to key in your password to confirm your MSN account, then later they will steal your personal info.

Other reason not to download it includes that virus or spywares will spread across your pc in just a few minutes time. Once you activate the installation of the software/tool, malware will be activated and your pc will be infected. Scary ain’t it? :shock:

So guys, never ever give any personal info to help protect your privacy from being invaded by hackers!

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