My Sexy Desktop Wallpaper

Want to know my secret on how I managed to update my blog frequently? Here’s my secret:

Sexy Desktop Wallpaper
Looking at her really makes me feel motivated, her eyes, lips, hair… Love Onion
*Cough* Ok, back to the topic, do you know who she is? If you have watched the movie “不能說的秘密” before then you must know that she starred as 晴依 in that movie. Damn, Jay Chou is lucky to kiss her…


How I wish I could give her a ride…

Want to see more about my wallpaper? Let you zoom in to have a better look on my desktop icons, not on the girl but on my desktop, ok?

In the blue circle you can see I am working on my English presentation topic which is “What men love about women”. Mind to give some idea on what guys love about girls?

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