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myspace mobile

Want to login to your MySpace account but dont have any computers beside you? You can simply login to from your mobile phone web browser with any phone and you will gain access to Myspace website!

MySpace Mobile is designed to be used on any mobile devices that have small screens and few input keys. Some key features include :

Messaging – Stay connected with your friends regardless of your geographic location. Comment, message or even blog or post a bulletin

Friends Updates – Keep updated on the latest ups and downs of your friends and update your own!

Pictures – Share pictures straight from your mobile phone, no time wasted, it’s easy and fast!

Because it is designed for mobile phone users, the design of the website may be a bit different from the way the actual website looks. If you have using mobile phone with a large screen, just point your mobile device browser to You will likely see the mobile login screen with a link to go back to the PC version. Click that link right at the bottom of the webpage.