Nikki Catsouras – The Porsche Girl Photos

Graphic accident scene photos of their 18-year old daughter Nikki were leaked by the California Highway Patrol, so the Catsouras family has filed a $20 million dollar lawsuit.

Nikki Catsouras Porches Girl

In case you do not know what happened, Nikki Catsouras had lose her life after a high speed car crash on Halloween Night, 2006. California Highway Patrol officers took photos of the scene and a “CHP employee” subsequently emailed the images outside the department. The images were leaked and spread around the Internet, making their way to around 1,600 websites.

A fake MySpace page was created, which at first looked like a tribute to Catsouras but also led to the horrific photos.

Cruel, mindless idiots then started sending them to family members, taunting them and calling Nikki a “spoiled rich girl” who “deserved it.”

And that’s the tragedy of Nikki Catsouras – The Porsche Girl Photos