P1 WiMax in Malaysia

Great news for Internet users in Malaysia as P1 has launched their new product – P1 WiMax in Malaysia! If you think it is just another crappy product then you might be wrong as here are some proofs on how effective it is :


For all the benefits that you got, it comes in an affordable price

wimax plan


As you can see, it is the fastest among all choices & that’s gonna be a great advantage compare with other alternatives. If you are interested in signing up for their service you may subscribe through their authorised dealer or go to their website at http://p1.com.my as their registration can be done easily online by paying through credit card. So far I have tried both Streamyx & Maxis Broadband & thought of subscribing to Celcom Broadband… Hmm, maybe I should give WiMax a try? If anyone of you who is reading this post have tried / currently using this product would you mind to leave your opinion on the comment box below? Hope I get to know the feedbacks of this product so that I can compare with other ISP in Malaysia

So, are you tempted by the offer?