MIUTech HDPC New Design

Mobile Phone


After a brief moment of looking like it went out of business when it was supposed to be in the US meeting with potential investors, Korean company MIUTech has re-emerged with the fourth iteration of its HDPC (hybrid dual portable computer) since 2006. And not only is the lighweight gadget looking more sexy than ever , but it’s got a fully advanced set of specs to match the new design as well.

The new unit will be using Windows XP as the operating system for its primary computer, with Windows CE handling the phone OS segment. The screen can display a 4.8″ touchscreen display at 1,024 x 600 resolution, powered by an Intel Atom Z530 1.6GHz processor. As for the phone processor, it will retain the ARM9 core CPU, while a 2.4″ AMOLED (320 x 240) display handles all your phone functions. A 32GB SSD, a trio of cameras, 1GB RAM, a microSD memory card slot, T-DMB support, GPS navigation, HDMI and HD audio ports round off the list of features.

It will be hard for anyone not to fall in love with this sexy gadget, but with Apple iPhone 3GS in store, which one will you choose?

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BSNL Data Card Evdo 3G Review Tariff Price


BSNL Data Evdo Card

BSNL Broadband has introduced EVDO which is a Data Card based broadband connection for users in India. Laptop users will be very happy with the release of Evdo as it was created solely to serve laptop users who travels a lot and want to find a reliable and portable broadband. It serves upto 2.4Mbps, which makes it one of the favorite option among the Indian broadband users. Featured is the review of BSNL Data Card 3G Evdo.

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Watch Geo TV News Live Streaming Online

Geo TV

Geo TV brings the latest news of Pakistan of all variety, which includes, business, technology, sports, entertainment, education, cricket, politics, and more. Media available for streaming includes special reports, pictures, video and audio.

Geo TV (trademarked GEO TV) or Geo Television is a Pakistani television network founded by Mir Shakil ur Rehman in May 2002. Geo TV belongs to Independent Media Corporation, owner of the Jang Group of Newspapers. The channel started its test transmission on 14 August 2002, whereas regular transmission began from 1 October, 2002. In Urdu, the national language of Pakistan, the word geo translates to live on in English.

You can choose to either listen to the audio or watch live streaming video in Urdu. Alternatively, you can choose to watch live TV shows via Geo WebTV but the service is available in Pakistan only.

For audio only click here
For video streaming click here

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Ekrn.exe High CPU Memory Usage


Ekrn.exe High Consumption of CPU Memory Usage

The ekrn.exe is a part of ESET NOD32 Antivirus and the ESET Smart Security Suite Kernel Service. It runs as a service and is the central component for both the NOD32 antivirus and Smart Security suite. Whenever you open, save, update or download a file, Ekrn.exe will help you to scan those files.

File Information

According to File.net, Ekrn.exe is a Verisign signed file where you can find within the C:\Program Files folder. The most common size of the file on Windows XP is 224 bytes. You may also find it in 472,320 and 455,936 bytes.

Common Ekrn.exe Errors / Problems

One of the common complaints from Windows users is that ekrn.exe uses a lot of CPU resources when running. This seriously affects the performance and speed of your computer and severely limits the system’s functionality.

Since ekrn.exe is the central component for both the NOD32 antivirus and Smart Security suite, if you stop or disable ekrn.exe, the application will disconnect you from the Internet. Any malware that’s on the computer may cause damage to your PC. So below are few methods that you can use to prevent or solve such problems :

Method 1: Update your ESET Product

Always visit ESET official website to check out for the latest updates and release. Outdated version is a common cause of making your computer performance slower.

Method 2: Disable Real-Time File System Protection in NOD32

1. Open the NOD32 window.
2. Press F5.
3. Look for Real-Time File System Protection.
4. Under Scan on, clear the following checkboxes:

* File Open
* File Creation
* Diskette Access.

Method 3: Update Older Versions of Comodo Firewall

If you are using Comodo 3.014, you might face problems with your ESET software. To resolve any issues in this case, update your Comodo firewall to version 3.015. Although this issue is more common on Windows Vista computers, many computers have faced issues on Windows XP also.

Method 4: Change the UAC Configuration in Windows Vista

If you are running Windows Vista and have (Universal Access Control) UAC on, then do the following:

Assign Full Control to System and Administrators

Assign only Read and Execute, List folder contents and Read rights to other authenticated users.

Method 5: Ensure that ESET is Set to Start Automatically In Windows

1. Right-click on My Computer.
2. Go to Manage and then to Services.
3. Locate and double-click on ekrn.exe.
4. Ensure that the Startup type is set to Automatic-if not then change it to Automatic.

Worse Come To Worse: Change to another Antivirus software

If you are not satisfied with any of the solutions above, try changing to Kaspersky. It doesn’t affect your PC performance and it can do almost everything ESET does to your PC.



jucheck.exe” is part of the Java Runtime from Sun Corporation and not a trojan, IF it is located where it is supposed to be – usually something like “C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.5.0_10\bin\jucheck.exe

Viruses or Trojans are normally named identically together with other program files and operating system components to avoid detection. If the files are in a location where they don’t belong then YES there is a good chance that it is a malicious file.

Some malware camouflage themselves as jucheck.exe, particularly if they are located in c:\windows or c:\windows\system32 folder. Thus check the jucheck.exe process on your pc whether it is pest.

Just make sure to do some research before you do something, you could be deleting an important system file!

Source : File.net