Electronic Commerce In Malaysia Not Possible?

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Just few weeks ago when I had my breakfast with my classmates, some of them said that they might want to change course, which mainly because they think that E-Commerce is not popular in Malaysia. So I asked them: Why you choose to study this course in the beginning? Guess what answers I got from them?

“My mom told me to do so ; The program supervisor said this course has a bright future ; I NEVER heard of E-Commerce before ; E-Commerce… Don’t you think that it sounds cool?”

WTH, this is what I got from them…

I know… I know that E-Commerce is not popular here, but still I think that there must be something that we can do with those knowledge that we learn in college, right?

So do you think that Electronic Commerce do not have future in Malaysia?

Nikki Catsouras – The Porsche Girl Photos


Graphic accident scene photos of their 18-year old daughter Nikki were leaked by the California Highway Patrol, so the Catsouras family has filed a $20 million dollar lawsuit.

Nikki Catsouras Porches Girl

In case you do not know what happened, Nikki Catsouras had lose her life after a high speed car crash on Halloween Night, 2006. California Highway Patrol officers took photos of the scene and a “CHP employee” subsequently emailed the images outside the department. The images were leaked and spread around the Internet, making their way to around 1,600 websites.

A fake MySpace page was created, which at first looked like a tribute to Catsouras but also led to the horrific photos.

Cruel, mindless idiots then started sending them to family members, taunting them and calling Nikki a “spoiled rich girl” who “deserved it.”

And that’s the tragedy of Nikki Catsouras – The Porsche Girl Photos

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Think you are a true Malaysian? Speak “Manglish” doesn’t mean that you are a true Malaysian, you know? Why don’t have a try on this quiz below? Aww, Malaysia Boleh, kan? :razz:

1. What KLCC stands for?
a. Kuala Lumpur Sissies
b. Kaum Lelaki Cari Cinta
c. Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre

2. What is the name of the biggest state in Malaysia?
a. Salah awak
b. Siap awak
c. Sarawak

3. Which following words do not origin from Malay?
a. Paddy
b. Orang Utan
c. Curry

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What Man Love About Woman

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Next week will be my English presentation & the topic that I have chosen for the presentation is “What Man Love About Woman“. Seriously I have several points to write about but somehow all are related to sex :mrgreen: LOL. Here I have some points which I have written in my speech, why don’t you guys try it out? (For girls, just pretend that you are a guy & imagine what you like about a woman, ok? :razz: )

:arrow: What do you love about a woman?

1. Voice (Cute, high-pitched, etc.)
2. Hair (Long, short, curly, etc.)
3. Body (Big boobs, sexy ass, etc.)
4. Fragrance (Nice smelling)
5. Smile (Maybe let you feel relax?)
6. Attitude (Friendly, talkative, etc.)
7. Money/Fame?
8. None of the above? You are a gay then :razz:

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Mexican Singer Zayda Peña Arjona Shot & Killed


A Mexican singer, Zayda Peña was shot to death in her hospital bed. This is the fourth time in a year assailants killed singers who deal with drug trafficking & violence related themes.

No suspects had been identified. Two people with Peña were killed in the Friday shooting.

Pena headed a band known as Zayda y los Culpables – “Zayda and the Guilty Ones.” One of her songs was “Tiro de Gracia,” a reference to an execution-style gunshot.

Featured below is the song by herself called “Que La Gente Diga” (What The People Say)

Que descanse en paz y espero que encuentren al asesino…