Bisexual Star Tila Tequila : Fake?

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Tila Tequila has her own reality show on MTV called “A Shot at Love With Tila Tequila” where she claims to have been bisexual her entire life and is trying to find her true love. However, many claim that she has already found love. Tila has reportedly has had a boyfriend for over a year and that she is not even bisexual.

Tila Tequila

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Kellie Pickler – Is She From South Carolina?

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Have you ever watched the video clip of the answering question? Well here’s a similar video clip: Just a week ago Kellie Pickler was at the quiz show where she needed to answer the question “Budapest Is The Capital Of What European Country?”

Funny thing is that her grandpa comes from Germany, which is just next to Hungary :wink:

Digg, Google & Stumble Upon Are My Friends


It has been one & a half month since I started this blog & this afternoon I was digging around in the Google Analytics just to see my blog’s traffic and did some analysis of where my traffics come from. To my surprise I found out that most of my traffics come from Digg, Google & Stumble Upon.

Traffic Source Overview

Where’s the ‘Other’ traffic comes from?

As you can see both referring sites & search engines sent me a decent amount of traffics. Let’s have a more detail look of it…

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Panda Eyes

Life Rants

It has been a hectic week for me. With so many assignments, presentations & courseworks tangling me, it’s not a surprise that I have a very very very big panda eyes now.

Panda Eyes

These few days I have only slept for 4-5hours per day because addicted to online games, you know lah college students are free outside, no parents watching over you & you can do everything you want… Somehow I am quite impressed the old me who can woke up at 6.30a.m. during weekdays & went to high school. Now even if it’s 8am class I will still consider to skip the class, regardless of the subjects. If you have seen the passing grade before then you will know TARC has raised the grade, so passing the exams will be a difficult task for me. Now I look like a zombie with such a pale face, maybe sooner or later I will transform into nemesis? Who knows if I will be acting in Resident Evil 4?

Anyone knows any idea to remove my panda eyes? Maybe by eating bamboo? :shock:

Hindraf Update


Just 2 weeks after the Bersih rally, Malaysia’s 2nd largest protest, Hindraf rally has been held on Sunday, 25 November 2007 in the morning. Reports from Police Watch Malaysia saying that a 20-year-old boy was killed in Lebuh Ampang.

Hindraf Injured

Source: Police Watch Malaysia

Wondering when only Malaysia will become peaceful? :???:

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