Linda Hogan Divorce – Another Bad News For Hulk Hogan


It has been a rough few months for Hulk Hogan. In August, his son Nick, was involved in a car crash that left his passenger seriously injured, causing him to be charged with reckless driving. Then the news broke last night that Hogan’s wife, Linda Bollea, filed for divorce after 23 years of marriage.

Linda Hogan & Family

How much will Hulk pay for his ex-wife? Maybe someday later we will see Hogan back to WWE performing high difficulties stunt at the age of 54, just hope that he won’t break his bone though :???:

anna ciriani a.k.a. madameweb – sexiest teacher in the world

News, Sexy

An Italian teacher has been suspended from school because of her extra-curricular activities as Internet porn star — Madameweb.

Anna Ciriani, who teaches Italian in the north-eastern town of Pordenone, says that she’s completely professional in school with modest clothing and serious attitude, yet once she leaves the school gate, she changes to Madameweb, the star of a number of hardcore videos that are spread over million of porn sites.

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Funny Pirated Products In Translation (Pictures)


The explanation of why pirated products are the best in the world :razz:



Minni House

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Nora Hardwick, 101 in nude calendar


Nora Hardwick, who’s going to be 102 next week, poses topless to become one of the oldest women ever to appear in a calendar.

Nora Hardwick

Football Strip
Money raised will be used to buy a football strip so that they can set up a second team

So, will you do the same thing as she is for charity sake? :razz:

Not A Money Making Blog Again? …

Life Rants

I am sure that every bloggers would like to earn money from their blogs, tell me anyone who doesn’t like $$$? No one, yet when the blog is not earning money, then it’s better for them to just KEEP THEIR MOUTH SHUT!!! Do not ever try to teach newbies about making money online if you only earn a few cents from your ‘money making blog’!!! You see, knowing how to optimize ads & getting a few clicks from Adsense doesn’t makes you a guru, really, I used to have my own MFA sites & I can know how much traffic & money you earn from your blog just from a view, I know maybe you have seen big sites like Shoemoney & LiewCF who earns big money from their blogs, but I have to tell you that they have been blogging for years & they produced quality articles, which makes it different from your ‘How to earn few pennies from my outdated -copycat -tech -blogs‘ You know what I mean? If those newbies ask for your opinions about their sites, just refer them to the pro’s site, do not ever misguide them!!!

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