PS3 Price In Malaysia

Last time I have introduced about the PSP price in Malaysia, since then I have received quite some emails asking about PS3 price in Malaysia, well after some researches here are the answers that I get.


PS3 Console (80GB) + Controller = Approximately RM1650 (514USD)

PS3 Console (60GB) + 2 Controllers + a DVD = Approximately RM1600 (498USD)

PS3 Console (60GB) only = Approximately RM1500 (467USD)

PS3 Console (40GB) + Controller = Approximately RM1550 (482USD)

PS3 Console (40GB) only = Approximately RM1350 (420USD)

Controller = RM120-RM165 (37USD-51USD)

*As far as I know there is no more stock for PS3 20GB*

These are the latest price that I get after asking some of my friends & doing some researches over the internet. If you have any price suggestion please list it down in the comment box below.

Update : Price list updated for PSP ,Xbox 360 & Nintendo Wii in Malaysia

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