Reliance Wimax for Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune & Hyderabad?


*A very good online friend of mine from Bangalore, India (Who prefers to remain as anonymous) has expressed his own dissatisfaction on why shouldn’t you apply for Reliance Wimax if you are from Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad or Pune**

I subscribed for the Reliance broadnet plan of 600kpbs (Download Speed 75KB/sec) on June 25, 2007. Since then a lot of connection issues started to pop out. I was unable to log in to my account & as a result I have to wait from several minutes to hours before I get to online again.

Although I have lodged numerous complaints to the office, none of them replied to me after days I have been waiting beside the phone in my house. I have no idea why they ignored my ticket when they supposed to fix the problem for us, don’t they know that we, the customers can help them to promote their products if we have a positive user experience ourselves?

If you are one of the Reliance Wimax user from Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune or Hyderabad, I would suggest you to use other service such as Airtel because Reliance Wimax isn’t reliable at all!

So, are you from one of the cities listed above? You may write down your experience & share it with othe fellow Reliance Wimax users