Results Released!

Woohoo~ Received my results earlier this morning, although it’s not that good but still I achieved my target! Below is my results:

Introduction To Accounting – C+
Hubungan Etnik – A-
Microeconomics – B+
Business Information of Technology Application – B
Business Statistics – C+
English – B+

CGPA – 3 out of 4

It doesn’t seems good with only one A out of six subjects, but somehow I am so lucky to get 3 out of 4 for my CGPA especially at this time when TAR College has raised the marks to pass the exam (You can refer to the table here ) Now we have the same grading system as UTAR. Don’t the staffs here know that TARC students’ results are one of the worst in Malaysia? If they raised the passing mark then it means more people will fail their subjects… But who cares? I passed all my subjects

Still remember the God which I mentioned last time? Guess what is his result? :twisted:


Can’t see it clearly? Ok let me zoom in



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