Scary Maze Game 3

Scary Maze Game 3

Have you tried the original scary maze game before? Try it first before you play this one.

You have played the 1st scary maze game and you can’t get enough of it, how about playing scary maze game 3? It’s very easy in the beginning but things started to heat up after your first click.

First time is easy, the dot is big and you can click on it without looking at it. The dot increases the speed in the second time, but you can still click it without too much hassle. Then in the 3rd attempt things starting to get harder…

Damn, the dot is moving so fast and it’s impossible to catch up with it! Do you think you have the skill to click on it? Are your mouse skills up to the challenge? Do not underestimate it and make sure you stay concentrated, otherwise you will miss out the opportunity.

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